Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jellybean Bracelets

I saw this cute idea on InkaBlinka and decided it would be a perfect craft activity for my little girls for Easter. It is really cute and definitely better than the store-bought candy bracelets!
 You'll just need a needle, floss, ribbon (two pieces, each 4-5" in length) and jelly beans!

1) Thread floss through your needle. Knot the end of your floss.
2) Thread one of your pieces of ribbon onto the floss, then start threading on jelly beans. (If you push your needle onto a cutting board it helps. I would stab the jelly bean, then turn it upside-down and push the jelly bean onto the needle, instead of trying to pull the needle itself).
3) Once you have all the jelly beans you want, thread your other piece of ribbon and knot the end.
4) You're done! Now you can tie the ribbon ends together into a cute bow. I've seen this made for adults as a cute Easter gift or for kids. Have fun!