Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cooking Tip: BABY FOOD (Cranberries)

I've made my daughter's food since she started eating solids, only using jars of baby food for times when I can't keep it cold or when her dad's babysitting. It's been more work, but WAY cheaper and I feel better knowing EXACTLY what goes in to her tiny tummy. (If you need any tips/advice about that, just email me!)
Anyway, for breakfast I always make her easy-to-digest fruits; bananas, blueberries, etc. Lately I've been experimenting with cranberries and she loves them! What you do is boil them until the "pop" and the skin breaks. Then drain the water and throw them into your baby food/regular blender. Add another, more mellow fruit to sort of balance out the sweetness; bananas or pears are great. I've also added soft, boiled chicken pieces and green peas and it turned out great! It's not only delicious, but beautiful with that dark red. I love creating meals that look pretty. (The picture is a pear and cranberries).