Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've discovered a great trick to get my 10-month-old to eat just about anything--mix it with applesauce! I had some cauliflower, chicken, and zucchini that I needed her to eat up and she was not in the mood that day. I put them all in her baby food blender (a regular blender would work too) and added applesauce. VOILA! Worked like a charm! I've also read that most kids like cottage cheese, so that works the same way. One last tidbit that I always use on the 3-year-old I babysit is that I have her pretend she's a scary shark and the food is a tiny fish that's swimming around....she obviously MUNCHES (gotta make the sound) the tiny fish, and then I pretend I can hear it swimming in her tummy. (This also works with monkeys and bananas, bears and fish, etc). Good luck!